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June 8, 2014

Two Cents Discussion: Why Do You Read?

If you missed out on last week's discussion on what makes a book a classic you can still add your thoughts. I thought this week would be fun to talk about why we read. I'm sure we all have different reasons.

Why Do You Read?

When I hear people say they don't read, I'm don't know what to think. Reading seems to be at the core of who I am. But it did get me thinking about why I read. Is it just because it was something that my parents encouraged when it was a child? Or was it because I was an on the outskirts of the "in crowd" and I find solace in books as a teen? Do I read because I have learned life lessons and explored worlds beyond my own within the pages of a book?

I think part of the reason is I was exposed to books at a young age. I remember climbing in my Mom's lap to read each night. I remember the first time I "read" the book on my own.

As I got older, books were an escape, but also a reminder that there was more out there than the cliquish community I was in. I didn't feel so alone when reading. It gave me hope. I could read about the awkward tween who found friends and acceptance.

Now I read for entertainment. When television stopped using analog waves, I stopped having television (used an antenna, but am too far away to pick up digital). So I began to read more.

I still read to explore new worlds, but also to connect to people. Through books I can "walk in another man's shoes". Reading is still an escape, but not because I'm an unhappy teen, but as a way to deal with life's stresses.

I read because I have to. Yes, I feel obligated to read the books I've received for review, but the compulsion is more than that. I can't drive by a sign without reading it, even if I drive by the same sign every day. I will read the cereal box and shampoo bottle. Did you know there's a warning on deodorant that says to use on armpits only?

I read for many reasons. Why do you read?


  1. For a lot of the same reasons as you. I like going into a new world, learning new things, and meeting new people. At least books you can walk away if you don't like the characters!

  2. Reading is one of the few ways of escaping what it usually a boring mundane existence - at least for me. With a book, I can go anywhere.