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September 20, 2014

Series Saturday: Hunters of Reloria by Kasper Beaumont

by Claire Rees

Elven Jewel
Elven Jewel, book one of the hunters of reloria series, by Kasper Beaumont

We start off the series with two Halflings called Randir and Fendi and their fairies. Whilst out in the fields they overhear an alien species planning to invade their world and kill of the people of Reloria.

They rush to tell Fendi’s father who advises them that they need to travel to tell the elves that they need to protect the elven jewel, the jewel is what keeps them all safe by providing a protective shield over all of Reloria. Here starts the Halflings journey to save Reloria.  Along the way they discover that the elven jewel is not what is seems. They meet some magical creatures and form unlikely bonds, and even in all of this danger they still manage to have some fun adventures.  They become known as the ‘hunters of Reloria’ and they make some great new allies but also some very dangerous enemies. I loved the book and quickly became enamoured with this magical world of fairies, dragons, centaurs and many of mythical beasts/beings and I enjoyed travelling through the many different and wonderful places that make up Reloria. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves magical worlds with mythical beings and lots of adventure and action.

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Hunter's Quest
Hunter's Quest, book two of the Hunters of Reloria series, by Kasper Beaumont

The journey continues with ‘the hunters of Reloria’ members of the different races of Reloria into their ‘army’ to help them to stop the Vergai from overtaking their land. After a particularly bad loss of one of their companions, Fendi takes it very hard and turns to Sienna for comfort, they start up a romantic relationship and the two are nearly inseparable until Sienna is dragged through a portal on the back of a dragon.  Fendi also becomes an amazing negotiator and even manages to get peace between two races that have been at war with each other for hundreds of years. The hunters manage to gain great forces but also suffer severe losses.  Again this story was very interesting and fun and you get to meet some new characters and explore some new magical places. The author really does have a great talent for description and an amazing imagination for magical races and places.  It is so easy to get lost in this magical world that I was surprised at how quickly I got through the book.

I am very much looking forward to the third book and I do hope that our heroes are victorious and will defeat the Vergai and their leaders once and for all.

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Dragon's Revenge
Dragon's Revenge, book three of the Hunters of Reloria series, by Kasper Beaumont

Book three finishes where book two leaves off; Ash, Sienna and Daeron have gone through the portal that leads to where the Vergai live to save the Elevn princess, Shari Rose and are now trapped there.  Daeron has been captured by the evil cylops who run the land and rule over the vergai and it is now left to Ash and Sienna to save him and the princess. Meanwhile the rest of the ‘Hunters’ have been helping their newest recruit ‘Violetta’ to take her mage trials to become a fully fledged mage.  The vergai are getting closer and closer all the time and Reloria have suffered many losses of different races. The Hunters and their new found friends are now ready to make one last stand against the invaders and they hope to save their land and people.  Will Ash,  Daeron,  Sienna and Shari Rose going to make it back in time.?

There are some unusual romantic pairings in this book but it works out really well and it is nice that the characters even though are on the way to war still have time to find love. The last battle is intense, sad and full of action with severe losses on both sides. If you loved the first two then you will love this book. The ending is well thought out and ties everything up nicely.

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