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November 4, 2014

Review: Lock and Key by Sarah Dressen

by Donna Huber

Lock and Key
In my hunt of entertaining audio books available through my digital download library I discovered Lock and Key by Sarah Dressen.

Seventeen year old Ruby is trying to keep things normal though her mother has disappeared. After all Ruby has been doing most of the parenting anyways. If she can only make it a few more months, she will be 18. However, a broken dryer and overly helpful landlords foils her plans. Insteadl, she finds herself on the doorstep of her sister Cora who she hasn't have any contact with in nearly 10 years. Cora has it all - the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood with a perfect husband. A husband who is the founder of the fictitious version of Facebook. Ruby wants to hate it all because her sister abandoned her. But did Cora really or was it her mother keeping them apart out of fear of being abandoned?

Lock and Key was a good book with teenage angst, but also great truths about love and family.

I was really drawn into the Ruby's world. I loved her brother-in-law Jamie. Why do fictitious husbands have to be so perfect?

The boy next door is the perfect friend for Ruby, but he has troubles of his own.

Dressen draws the reader right smack dap in the middle of the lives of these characters. You might as well be one the neighbors invited to view Jamie's pond or gathered for a party. You will come to care about all the characters and wonder what has happened to them once the last word is read.

As an audiobook, Lock and Key is excellent. Rebecca Soler is great as the narrator. The pace of the story makes it an easy listen.

Buy Lock and Key at Amazon

Book info
Available formats: audio, ebook, print (432 pages)
Published: April 2008 by Penguin Audio
ISBN13: 9780143143055
Genres: growing up, dysfunctional relationships
Audience: young adult
Source: Georgia Digital Download library
Listened: October 2014

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