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December 25, 2014

Tips of 2014

Merry Christmas! I have a present for you: I've indexed all of this year's tips post into this one handy list. If you missed something or couldn't find a post, here are all the tips that posted this year.

10 Blogging Goals of 2014 - goal setting
Make a Marketing Plan - author marketing
What to Talk About on Social Media - social networking
Pitch Perfect - review pitches
5 Tools for Creating Graphics - images
5 Steps to Marketing Your Blog - blog marketing
I'm NOT a Number and Other Twitter Annoyances - social networking
Embedding Kindle Samples on Your Blog - blogging
Managing Multiple Reviewers - blogging
Should Book Bloggers Charge? - blogging
Blogging To Do List - blogging
Syndication - Good, Duplicate Content - Bad. What to do? - blogging
Great Networking Event - ArmchairBEA - blogging events
Getting Noticed on Facebook - social networking
Getting Books to Review - blogging
Preparing for ArmchairBEA - blogging events
Managing Your Brand - marketing
Final Tips for ArmchairBEA - blogging events
One Link that Directs to Amazon Worldwide - marketing
Finding Time for Reading - blogging
Inbound Marketing for Authors - author marketing
Setting an Editorial Calendar - blogging
Formatting Your Review Posts - blogging
Finding Time To Blog - blogging
Social Media for Your Blog - social networking
5 Book Blogging Topics That Aren't Reviews - blogging
3 Publicity Actions to Take - marketing
Coming Back from a Break - blogging
Image Use: Is it Fair Use? - images
Kathryn Elizabeth Jones: 5 Marketing Tips for the Frantically Busy Author - author marketing
A Challenge for Better Interviews - blogging
When You Don't Feel Like Writing - blogging
What to Write About - blogging
Don't Neglect Facebook - social networking
5 Ways Fan Fiction Can Make You a Better Writer - writing
Participating in Book Blog Memes - blogging
How to Keep the Buzz Going After a Blog Tour - author marketing
Marketing Resources for Horror Writers - author marketing
Finding Time to Write and Marketing - author marketing
Reminder: Make Back Up Copies Regularly - blogging
Facebook Groups for Writers - social networking
Blogging Through the Holidays - blogging
Sam Cheever: How to Rock a Facebook Author Event - social networking

What a lot of topics covered this year. I probably have enough posts now to put together my blogging book, but I still have to do the media kit book. I'm not sure what tips I will bring you in 2015, but I will keep bringing you useful information. If you have suggestions for topics, let me know.

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