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January 6, 2015

Featured Book: Gatekeeper by Mike Smart (@gatekeepernovel)

About the Book


"Planes inexplicably colliding, economies in disarray. A psychotic businessman has brought the world to its knees, a computer hacking scam of epic proportions that's gone dreadfully wrong.

Can a former Special Forces operative with the help of a damaged Cambridge University Professor save a bride to be and avoid worldwide anarchy?

They've got 48hrs to try!"

This book highlights our reliance and dependency on computer systems globally
Our use of Artificial Intelligence in core applications
A great read and well received by independent critics
Contains adult themes

Is your personal information as secure as you think - or has the Gatekeeper stolen it?

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About the Author

Mike Smart
A BBC Radio and press featured author Mike writes very well received fast moving thrillers which are packed with action and are short on flowery prose. The series all feature a lead character called Max Thatcher, an ex Special Forces operative who takes no prisoners. Written for you to enjoy on a flight, by the pool or to break up the monotony of the daily commute. Not suited for under 18's nor those wanting an early night as readers complain they can't put them down!

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