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January 16, 2015

Teaser: The Marriage Match by Tracy March

by Donna Huber

The Marriage Match
She gave him a crooked little whatcha-doing-here smile. “Hey there,” she said.
Man, he acted like he’d never seen a gorgeous girl before. Truth was, he’d seen plenty. Dated them, too. But something about Cyn had him feeling disarmed and a little self-conscious. Maybe because she seemed to really get how much this search for a wife meant to him, and he wasn’t used to having someone relate to him like that. He shrugged and gave her a playful look. “I happened to be in the neighborhood, so I thought I’d stop by.”
Her smile widened. “Sweet.” She opened the door wider, and gestured for him to come in. “You’re the first happenedto-be-in-the-neighborhood visitor I’ve ever had.”
Considering the huge iron gates and the brick wall and fences surrounding the property, Trent wasn’t surprised. He stepped inside and caught the scent he remembered from when they’d been together on the swing. Citrus and spice… and mischief. He was dead certain this girl could get into some mischief, and he’d do best not to think too long on that. Despite the cool night air, heat danced over his skin. Cyn was totally tempting, but Trent reminded himself to stay within the boundaries. Employees were off-limits. Cyn didn’t seem the litigious type, but Hawthorne Resorts didn’t need to contend with another lawsuit.
from "page 56" on my Nook

I thought I would give you a sneak peek at The Marriage Match by Tracy March. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy, but don't worry you can get your copy on Monday when the book comes out. I really enjoyed March's The Practice Proposal that I read during the Christmas break (read my review) and happy to check out her new release.

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  1. I do enjoy a romantic story in between my darker mysteries and thrillers...LOL. Thanks for sharing.

    Here's mine, another departure for me: “AFTER BIRTH”

    1. While I've enjoyed reading this story, I think I need a change. I'm picking up The Winter Boy next.

  2. Sounds like the beginning of love. :-)
    Happy weekend!

  3. Great cover art and the teaser draws me in, thank you!

  4. I enjoyed the excerpt. You got a smile out of me:)
    Thanks for stopping by my post and have a wonderful weekend!