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March 9, 2015

Review: Champagne Jackson Kicks Zombie Ass by F.A. Tallahassee

by Claire Rees

Champagen Jackson Kicks Zombie Ass
Champagne Jackson aka CJ has had the worst wedding anniversary ever! Not only did she catch her husband cheating on her on their doorstep but the world then goes to hell with a zombie apocalypse.

Knowing that she will soon run out of supplies locked in her apartment she decides to make her way to the pawn shop she owns where she keeps her gun. This is where she meets former marine Mike. The two of them team up to try to get out of the city safely but they find out that the only way to do this is to try to negotiate with local gang boss ‘Tiny’. On their way to see ‘Tiny’ they save two children called Diego and Manuela whose parents have been killed by a rival gang of Tiny’s.  Tiny is not too happy to see them though and they soon get into a lot of trouble.  Whist being kept as Tiny’s prisoners they make an unlikely ally who helps them to escape.

Champagne Jackson Kicks Zombie Ass by F.A. Tallahassee is different from other zombie stories I have read and I enjoyed it just as much. This one focuses on gang life and how they choose to survive the zombie apocalypse.  I enjoyed the story and the characters and I feel that the speech portrayed how I would imagine gang life to be perfectly. The  story was fast paced and kept me hooked all of the way through with a few surprises along the way. Although the story is not for the faint-hearted or those who offend easily as there is a lot of adult language and gory in places which I think adds to the feel of a zombie apocalypse. If you are a zombie lover then this is definitely a book you should read.

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Book Info:
available formats: ebook and paperback (260 pages)
published: January 2015 
ISBN13: 9781507507896
genres: horror, comedy
target audience: adult
source: Author
read: February 2015

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