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March 10, 2015

Review: Love by the Book by Melissa Pimentel

by Donna Huber

Love by the Book

This project was born, like so many things, from an egg. Two, to be exact.
Adrian walked in just in time to see me crack two eggs on the side of the pan and pour them into the sizzling butter. I leaned into him when he wrapped his arms around me and peered over my shoulder at the stove.

The Review

This review is a bit over due, but I find it a bit difficult to write. I was really looking forward to Love by the Book by Melissa Pimentel. It has a fun sounding premise. A single girl living in London has decided to try different dating books in order to find more dating partners. Well "dating" isn't really what she is looking for; she is looking for casual sex.

As one who has struggled with finding guys to date, I have always wondered if a dating book would help. However, unlike Lauren, I'm not wanting casual relationships. The book is based on a blog by the author who actually did this experiment. Which is what makes this review difficult. I didn't really like the main character Lauren.

She drank and smoked way too much. The continual references to having to go outside for a cigarette really grated on my nerves. And then there was the complaints she was extending adolescence while her friends were getting married and having babies. But she didn't want marriage and commitment. And I just wanted to yell at her that she can't have it both ways and marriage isn't the only way to be a grown-up. I did slightly envy her ability to reinvent her life, though she had secured a job before flying across the pond. However, the reason for her flight dampened that envy.

As far as a chick-lit novel, it wasn't one of the funnier novels I've read. I did have a few laughs, particularly with the online dating. The boating date was probably the funniest scene in the entire book. The ending was a bit predictable. After just a couple of encounters with a certain character I knew that he was the one and had to wonder when Lauren would figure it out. Actually, I wondered how clueless she was about others around her. I figured out the kind of relationship her roommate was having with her older beau early on.

When I did my Goodreads review, I did give Love by the Book 4 stars. Why? Because I think the book wasn't a good match for me and not that there was really anything wrong with the book itself. I liked Pimentel's writing style. It was straight-forward, conversational. I think it was this writing style that had me knowing that I probably wouldn't have been Lauren's friend in real life. However, it did make the story flow well and easy to read.

If you liked Bridget Jones, then you will enjoy Love by the Book by Melissa Pimental. Be sure to read the interview with Melissa here.

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Book info:
available formats: ebook and paperback (315 pages)
published: February 2015 by Penguin Books
ISBN13: 9780143127284
genres: chick-lit, romance, humor
source: publisher
read: February 2015

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  1. I like the cover, but this might not be a book for me.

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  4. I love the cover, sorry the book didn't work for you.

  5. Cool cover, but don't think this is a ME book. Sorry it wasn't better for you.

  6. I like the sounds of this one.