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March 12, 2015

Blogger's Adult Content Policy pt. 2

by Donna Huber

I feel like I should do a tip post on some aspect of reviewing since every other post this week has been a review, but I thought it would be better to bring you up to speed on Blogger's content policy change. You may remember two weeks ago I wrote a post regarding the upcoming changes to their Adult Content Policy. I wasn't the only to write a blog post about it.

The intention behind the changes was to limit pornography. With the amount of sexual exploitation that takes place each day it was a good move on their part. My post was more to inform you of the change and discuss possible unintended consequences for book bloggers. However, many people spoke out against the changes.

According to a new post on Blogger's support page, they will not be implementing the change. I do find it interesting that they have changed the wording from "adult content policy" to "porn content policy". I wonder if they are going back to the drawing board and in a few months we will see another announcement about changes to the policy.

For now though, if you want to stay with blogger and do post adult content, be sure to check the box for adult content.


  1. Yup, they'll be at it once again. If not now then later and then later again.