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March 5, 2015

This Sucks

by Donna Huber

I usually do most of my blogging on the weekends only having to write/format a post or two during the week. Last weekend was extremely busy. I volunteer with a children's basketball program and last weekend was the last weekend. So there was a full day of games on Saturday and then the end of season celebration on Sunday afternoon. In between the activities I had to get things ready for the week and did not have time to do more than Monday's post.

Thankfully, I had contributed posts from Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. So I only had to put together Monday's post and write today's post. However, even with just having to format Tuesday's and Wednesday's it was all the time I had Monday and Tuesday with everything else. If my everyday schedule required blogging during the week, I would find blogging beyond stressful and definitely not be posting daily. Perhaps if I didn't work a full-time, then I could blog daily.

My evenings are the time when I read or prepare questions for interviews. So this week has been awful. I haven't had time to do much else than get the next day's post ready. This also means there are typos in posts that I normally would have caught. If I hadn't already had the three contributed posts on the calendar I probably would have taken a little break and not posted every day this week.

I wonder if bloggers who find a blog too difficult to maintain or a stressful hobby are trying to blog during the week (I'm thinking of bloggers who work full-time). Blogging can be like a job. Anyone who works full-time knows how difficult it is to go to another job after a long day at the first job. Why would blogging be any different?

If you are finding blogging difficult or stressful, maybe you should take a look at your blogging schedule. Do you do most of your writing after a long day at work when really you should be relaxing? I highly recommend scheduling posts. When I only have to write one or two posts for a week, I can have all the posts set-up over the weekend. Even if I'm doing it in the evenings on Saturday and Sunday it isn't as stressful because I haven't had to work all day.

So if you say "this sucks" when you think about blogging, before giving up try to adjust your schedule.


  1. Funny, I think of social media in much the same way. At least when it comes to work! Scheduling is a LIFE saver!