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July 26, 2015

The Oracle #ReadAlong & #Giveaway: Chapters 23 - 32 @KBHoyle_author

by Donna Huber

When ended last week's discussion with the 12 emerging from the dark nightmare place. Though they get a short rest things aren't getting any better for them.

We get a bit more info about narks. And they have to decide if they should go into the village. Did the village give you the "no" feeling? I don't think it did at this point for me. But as the drew closer I was worried. And by the time they reached the first people I was "don't stop there".

What did you think of the village of Fobos? Can Botiheia be trusted?

A bit of foreshadowing perhaps?
"I have absolute trust in Yahto, it is part of what makes us a nark. So, no, I don not worry about the decisions that he will make because I know that he makes them wisely. Our lives, quite literally, rest in each other's hands." page 279
Did any else feel a change in Perry after the fight? Maybe it was something about seeing a girl in the heat of battle for him to see her differently, but I feel like he is attracted to Darcy. There is just something about the way he interacts with her.
Perry looked at Darcy significantly. "By the way, that, what you did down there. You saved all our lives, you know!" page 291
And it is pretty clear that Darcy is hoping that Perry is interested...
"Thanks," Darcy said, but a nlittle disappointedly. She had been hoping that Perry would do that her...O well. page 293
Probably the creepiest thing so far in the series happens in chapter 26 - Colin Mackaby appears in the cave. How did he get there? And what about the scar on his hand?

As if the tsellochim chasing them isn't bad enough, they encounter a dragon. Good thing Darcy has the gift she has otherwise there journey may have come to an end. Archaios may prove to be an important character. He sure knows a lot about Pateros and gateways and evil.

These people have a lot of faith and trust in Darcy. Without questions, when she tells them to go into the dragon's cave, they do so.

We learn of a tsellochim weakness - water. Too bad one of Darcy's magical talents isn't with the water element.

FINALLY someone remembers the note Lewis gave to Darcy at the beginning the trip. What did you think it meant? And was it all fulfilled in this book?

We get focused on the last lines "One friend / But not two". But I think there is more to the first part: "Wait awhile / Wait and I'll / come back to you."

Yeah it could've just meant that the gang needed to wait for Darcy, that Darcy is the "I", but knowing what comes later in the series I wonder if there is more to it.

And the journey is almost done. Are you with Darcy that the Oracle doesn't really move, but that the "entrance" does and the person is magically transported? It seems significant since Hoyle mentions it three times - once when Darcy thinks it, again while being transported to the Oracle, and then finally when Darcy tells her theory to Ribidius.

There is a mention of giants and I kept thinking that the group gets lost or stuck in the snow and there are giants or something like that. But since it didn't happen in this book it perhaps occurs later in the series or I'm remembering it wrong.

Then they arrive and....NOTHING. It is rather anti-climatic at first, but then everything goes crazy.

Do you think it was Yahto's intention to stop Darcy's fall or do you think he knew she was being "sucked" into the Oracle's lair and didn't want her to go alone?

Just as Darcy comes to the realization that Yahto cares for her, so do I. I think this is my favorite line in the book:
He tucked the bone whistle into a pocket of his jerkin and took Darcy's hand. "Come; I'm right beside you."
While Veli is her friend, I feel Yahto is more fatherly towards her. That is how I took the line above. It is like he is talking to a small child, yet not in a condescending way since Darcy isn't a small child (though with how long narks live she might be considered a small child by narks).

Then we "meet" the ominous Oracle. Do you get the Wizard of Oz feeling from this "guy"?

We get the "answer" to Darcy's question. Many times Darcy has been told that she asked a "stupid" or pointless question, but with the answer she receives do you think it will help everyone understand more about how Alitheia will be saved?

When I read this the first time I didn't really have any knowledge of alchemy. But after reading the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness, the last part makes more sense. I know this drove my niece crazy while she read the series the first time through. What are you thoughts on "Twice wed, / Twice dead, / Twice stained red."?

The first time through the series I thought it had something to do with what would happen to Darcy in her world and in Alitheia. We knew that Eleanor "died" in their world so maybe that is what would happen. Though I was clues about wed and red.

And then the saddest thing happens - the Oracle demands payment. At least I didn't cry this time around as I was a bit more prepared.

But there is no time for grieving as they must flee towards home. We have another time warp thingy going on. Darcy thought she had been gone less than half a day, but for everyone else it has been seven months. More than half their time in Alitheia.

So my worry from the beginning of the journey about who would die have abated now that they are on their way home. They are all alive. But Hoyle isn't done with putting us through the emotional wringer. How do you feel about the death?

I think this is one of the more significant lines in the series,
Home, Darcy thought. Ormiskos. It really is home for me now, isn't it?
All that's left is to tell everyone what the Oracle said. What do you think about her keeping the last part to herself? I think she should have probably told Ribidius as I think it would give him clues he needed. Though it probably would be more fitting to confide them to Tellius. And with the possible pressure of marriage off them it does look like Tellius and Darcy will become friends.

Then it is about living through the year again in their own world. I can't imagine how difficult it would be for Darcy. There's only 5 people she can talk to about what happened. How do you process all that she went through?

And there's Colin. Like Darcy, I feel a bit bad for him. That perhaps his attitude isn't all his fault and may actually be a defense mechanism. And what about his hand?

And that's The End for now.

Next Sunday we will begin our discussion of The White Thread. Get your copy at Amazon.

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