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August 30, 2015

The White Thread Read Along: Chapters 25-28 @KBHoyle_author

by Donna Huber

cover The White Thread
Today we discuss the last few chapter of The White Thread (The Gateway Chronicles #3) by K. B. Hoyle.  This second reading of The White Thread has endeared this book to me more than it did the first time through. I've always thought that The Enchanted was my favorite book of the series, but now I'm thinking maybe this book is. Which is totally funny because in my review, I said I wasn't totally crazy about this book.

So while Darcy was recovering, Dean and Baynard scouted for the Oracle's lair. Of course, just enough is shared with Darcy so that she thinks she can find it on her own. Is it a good idea that she goes off on her own? Isn't that what she did in the first book? At least she left a note this time. And I guess Rubidius kind of endorsed it seeing as he left her note and packed her a bag!

I found this kind of find this funny,
Darcy wondered if she should knock but then felt foolish for the thought. If this Magus fellow had walled in his doorway, he obviously didn't want any visitors. Still, it seemed uncivilized not to announce her presence.
What did you think of the magus Darcy encountered? And I guess I wasn't so off from the Wizard of Oz reference in the last book.

I have to say, Darcy did well for herself. She kept her head and stated her case. And when the floor literally falls out from under her, she's ready with a plan. I guess Hoyle had to keep the Oracle a little evil, but really unleashing a beast on her. I guess in his own way he is helping her after all time is passing quickly above ground.

Her discovery of Yahto Veli is both happy and sad. I think I was waiting the whole book for him to take his oath. It's so sweet. She has no clue that it is something reserved only for royals, though she does get that it is something super special. I also find something sweet in Tellius telling her she needs to say yes to finish the enchantment. Though he is shocked because he knows the implications, but it seems he also know Darcy doesn't know what to do - he comes to her rescue.

Then we get the cute talk between Darcy and Tellius and her kissing Perry. Just a teenage conversation. I wonder how many times Hoyle has heard similar conversations while teaching.

As we head into the last chapter it seems like everything is wrapped up and it is just the turn home voyage. And as it is the last chapter, we can assume it will be smooth sailing. Hoyle hasn't left us with a cliffhanger before and there is no reason to suspect she will do so now.

Usually the heart-to-hearts between Darcy and Yahto Veli and typically with Veli, so I thought it was nice touch for to have one here with Yahto. I do believe this is when I really fell in love with Yahto.

I guess with all the references to the six being pulled through the gateway no matter where they were on the day they were to return we shouldn't have been surprised that we were going to be left with a cliffhanger. What did you think of this?

Usually I think authors who end on a cliffhanger are evil, Hoyle softens the blow with the gang returning to normal life at camp and even with an epilogue that solves the mystery of the missing Colin (well not totally). So we are only left with the same uncertainity that the six feel.

And that's that. As this was a summer read along and well I don't think anyone else is really reading along with me, I think I will stop here. Actually I did finish reading the last three books - I blazed right through them! (If you want me to continue chapter by chapter discussion with the next three books, leave a comment. If there is enough interest I will continue).

I do hope that you did enjoy this detailed reading of the first three books in The Gateway Chronicles. If you haven't read them, you could win them long with the first book in Hoyle's new dystopian series. Be sure to enter below.

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