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November 13, 2015

The Gates Legacy Blog Tour


23206881Hunted by Lorenz Font

Series: The Gates Legacy #1 Release Date: November 20, 2014 Genre: Paranormal Romance
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A horrible disease is ravaging the vampire community in New York City’s underworld. The Vampire Council is on a crusade to obliterate those infected. Harrow Gates is sick, alone, and hunted. A bounty hanging over his head, he is in no position to refuse when Pritchard Tack offers him not only a new beginning, but also a chance to rectify the chaos he created in the vampire world. Now the greatest threat Harrow faces is hope. Jordan is a reluctant new vampire and a woman on a mission. Her only focus is revenge. In her search for vengeance, a stroke of luck leads her to an underground facility. Once inside the bunker, Jordan meets a man who threatens to pull her heart away from her sworn mission. There is something behind Harrow’s dark lenses that unsettles the hardened female. Is love strong enough to override her thirst for vengeance?
  HUNTED EXCERPT Harrow looked up at the sound of her footsteps, his eyes unfocused. His sunglasses were on the table, and his eyes were almost opaque in color when they settled on her. He sat up on the bed. “Jordan, please go away.” He hissed and moved back when she approached. Her movement was slow and calculated. She was unwilling to startle him into action. “Darling, I need to draw blood from you,” Jordan said, as if appeasing a crying child with sweet offerings. His fangs were incredibly long. She wasn’t sure if she was imagining it, but she thought she saw them throb right before her very eyes. It had been almost two weeks since he’d last fed, and it looked like he had reached his limit. Harrow licked his dried, chapped lips and inched away from her. The lesions on his arms, legs, and around his neck were raw, almost glowing red and had grown bigger. He gritted his teeth as if to dispel the demons of his disease. Jordan was certain it had something to do with the burning pain from the wounds as well as the pang of hunger. Starvation was a tough opponent, because it would eat you up alive and spew out your carcass after it finished you off. “Make it quick, because I’m trying hard here.” Harrow appeared bone tired, his tone weary as he held out his arm after he made sure she was wearing gloves. “Move fast,” he reminded her as he eyed her jugular. The pulsing clearly began to excite him. “I know you won’t hurt me.” She kept her voice low and held his arm. He was burning hot, and she felt like her hands would melt on contact. Harrow rested his arm on his thigh as she tried to keep her hands steady. Harrow drew in a deep breath before exhaling with a curse. “Hurry up, Jordan.” Once she stuck the needle into his skin, Harrow hissed and began twitching again. After she filled the evacuated collection tube with blood, she pulled out the needle and applied a little pressure to the entry site with her finger before taping it up. “Get out now!” he screamed. “Now!” Before she stepped away, she held his gaze for a moment and whispered the words she’d been dying to tell him. “I love you, Harrow.” Time stood still as soon as the words were out of her mouth. Harrow’s breathing slowed, and his twitching ceased for just a moment. “I love you more,” he said. “But please, get out of this room now.” He didn’t scream the order, he whispered it as if it was a last ditch effort before he turned savage. Jordan walked out the door, which Leroy held open for her. Her heart was aching, but at the same time, it was soaring. How could her heart sing and lament at the same time?

23206906Tormented by Lorenz Font

Series: The Gates Legacy #2 Release Date: November 20, 2014 Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Tor Burns is a noninfected vampire committed to saving his diseased comrades from certain death at the hands of the Vampire Council. He is the meanest, strongest, and most impulsive member of the team with a new purpose: guard the irresistible daughter of their fallen leader, even if it means having to cast his attraction aside. Allison Tack is an infected vampire and a walking target wherever she goes. She wants to learn how to protect herself, but no one is listening, so she sets out to prove that she can fight alongside the best of them. The harem leader, Melissa, is determined to discover her son’s fate. Time has made her desperate enough to wage war against Tor’s group, not realizing that she has fallen into a trap. Tormented by his past, Tor must decide between paying the price or risk losing the woman loves.
TORMENTED EXCERPT Allison held onto his neck as tight as she could, and they both fell on the mattress, Tor landing on top of her. She didn’t let go, even though the weight of his body was heavy on her small frame. “What the hell are you doing?” Tor shouted as he pushed himself up, but Allison locked her legs around his waist, trapping him. “Doing what I want to do,” she answered and moved her mouth to his. She felt his breath catch in his throat, and a look of terror crossed his face. This reaction was not what she had hoped for, and his rejection hurt. Tor moved his mouth away like she was offering him poison instead of herself. “You’re insane.” He held her shoulders with restraining fingers before he pushed her body away, despite her resistance. Her strength was no match for his, and he set her aside like a ragdoll, unwanted and rejected. He stood, his dreadlocks falling over his shoulders. Looking at her with disgust, Tor’s nostrils flared before he stalked out the door, slamming it shut. The silence that followed was deafening. Allison was left stunned and unable to move, her eyes stinging with tears of humiliation. What had she done?


23388214Ascension by Lorenz Font

Series: The Gates Legacy #3 Release Date: January 8, 2015 Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Rohnert comes from a long line of pure-blooded vampires, but he has broken away from the Vampire Council, which is being run into the ground by Goran, a former friend and ally. With the vampire race in upheaval, he allies with a group of freedom fighters. However, nothing could have prepared him for their determined human doctor. Shelly Anderson vowed not to fall in love, but her resolve quickly changes upon meeting the enigmatic vampire. After their one night together ends in a nightmare, Rohnert’s unexpected reentry into her life derails her plans once more. Rohnert soon realizes the lengths he is willing to go to keep Shelly and their child close and safe, even if it means violating a long-standing decree among pure-blooded vampires to keep their bloodlines alive. When harsh reality comes knocking, Rohnert must fight to save the people he loves before he loses them forever.
  ASCENSION EXCERPT Rohnert was already undressing Shelly with his eyes the moment the bolt on the door engaged. Man, it had been a while. This time, he would initiate every damn thing. He had a lot to make up for—the lost time, the way he’d left, and overall, his idiocy. He had led her to believe that he couldn’t love her. Who had he been kidding? She was the very air he breathed, the single reason why living was bearable. Now that she was carrying his child, he’d treat her just like the queen that she was. It didn’t take half a brain to know he’d screwed up, and he wouldn’t take her forgiveness for granted. Ever. “So we need to talk,” he said, running his hand along her collarbone. Shelly closed her eyes, and her expression told him that the talking could wait. She had better things in mind. She wanted to make love to him. He stiffened, and so did his cock. “What are we going to talk about?” Her voice took a nosedive, becoming husky, and she wormed her soft hands around his waist, her lips parted like an invitation to a playground. Okay, initiation on his part didn’t happen. The woman was fast. The scent of her lust wafted in the air, and his nostrils flared. “I want to show you how much to mean to me.” He threaded his fingers through her silky hair. “How much?” Her hand wound to the hardened bulge in his pants. Rohnert jerked on contact, welcoming the intrusion. “So much that I’m aching,” Her eyes spoke volumes, and her lips curved into a playful smile. “You like it?” He shifted, allowing more room for her to navigate. The pleasure of her fingers grazing his skin made him tremble, his knees weakening under her touch. “You have no idea.” So much for making the first move. Shelly was in the driver’s seat, and he was just going along for the ride—which was wrong. It was his turn to give her pleasure, but her hand cupping his erection made it very difficult to think. Rohnert moved his body to give her space to work. He was such a selfish bastard, but one look at her gave him absolution. She was enjoying this as much as he was.  

25124764Reckoning by Lorenz Font

Series: The Gates Legacy #4 Release Date: July 4, 2015 Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Someone is exposing the vampires of New York City to the human world. This is bad news for Cyrus and his fighters. Events derail his plans to find Zane, who forced immortality on him. Cyrus soon finds himself torn between revenge and his responsibilities, and a beautiful pureblooded vampire who makes him rethink his priorities. Isidora can read minds, and Cyrus’ are filled with both anger towards Zane and a deep admiration for her. Although Issy has no idea what to do in the face of the outside world’s war, one thing is clear. She craves Cyrus, but his need for vengeance is clouding his mind. Should Issy pursue her feelings for Cyrus or wait until he can return her affection? Will Cyrus deny his attraction to Isidora so he can kill the man who made his life a living hell on earth? Every decision leads to a reckoning.

RECKONING EXCERPT Her skin was warm, sinfully warm, and Cyrus couldn’t handle the emotions that came with her touch. He drew his hand away. “It must be tough having to live with the bullshit you hear every day.” From her hunched shoulders and the way she ran her palm along the smooth surface of the table, he could tell she had something on her mind, and it wasn’t along the lines of yeah, I love the mind reading crap. “I want to you to take my vein.” Isidora’s statement was given with conviction, which made him curse. “You can’t be serious.” “I’m dead serious.” “Why would you do that?” It was difficult to erase the erotic images from his mind, especially when she was sitting across from him in all her glory—beautiful, caring, young, and oh-so-inviting. “Because I want to feel needed, wanted.” Her voice was low, as if the revelation had sapped all her energy. “What a naïve thing to say. Besides, you’ve been servicing Rohnert. I think you’re already doing a great service to the race doing that alone.” “Are you naturally callous or just plain scared?” Cyrus watched her with defiance oozing from his pores. How could she call him out like that? Did he look scared? He’d never had a reason to be around females who elicited unwanted emotions before, and he wouldn’t start now.  

Lorenz Font

Lorenz Font discovered her love of writing after reading a celebrated novel that inspired one idea after another. She is currently enjoying the buzz from her vampire novels Hunted, Tormented and Ascension, Books 1-3 of The Gates Legacy Series, Feather Light, an erotic romance, Indivisble Line, a romance thriller and Pieces of Broken Time, a military romance. Lorenz’s perfect day consists of writing and lounging on her garage couch, aka the office, with a glass of her favorite cabernet while listening to her ever-growing music collection. She enjoys dabbling in different genres, with an intense focus on angst and the redemption of flawed characters. Her fascination with romantic twists is a mainstay in all her stories. Lorenz lives in California with her husband, children, and two demanding dogs. She divides her time between her full-time job and her busy writing schedule.

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