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January 12, 2016

Strong Characters ~ Restless Spirits by Kathy Bryson

Review by Elisa Hordon

cover Restless Spirits

Restless Spirits is the first book of Kathy Bryson's series. The story is about Merilee, a no nonsense take charge woman who also struggles with personal self esteem and she can be a bit of a klutz as well. After Merilee accidentally burns down her best friend's house she looses her job at the bank where she works and gains a job running a bed and breakfast all in one day thanks to her Mum who is a woman on a mission herself to make sure her daughter has a great life even if Merilee has no idea what she actually wants out of life. When Merilee's mother gets her out to the bed and breakfast for an interview, Merilee meets John Smith the owner of the bed and breakfast and a math professor at the local college. First impressions are always a good start right? So when Merilee gets into an argument with her Mum in front of John and then accidentally backs over John with her car you would think omg disaster but funnily enough I think that's when John fell head over heels for Merilee. See John is a huge klutz himself. He is forever falling off his bicycle or tripping over furniture. He knew even before he was formally introduced to Merilee that she was the one for him, John had seen Merilee at the bank many times and he could not wait to have her run the bed and breakfast he was renovating. He just knew she was perfect for the job and he loved that she also took care of her Mum who had been sick recently. Even though Merilee never let on her Mum had been sick people in town knew, small towns are just like that -  no one can ever keep a secret for long.

Merilee and her Mum move into the bed and breakfast while the renovations are being finished and this is where the fun begins because this bed and breakfast is haunted. Yes that's right haunted! The house used to be an old convalescent hospital so ghosts are a plenty so when lights start flickering, faucets turn themselves on and balls start flying around rooms Merilee's take charge attitude is put to the test as she struggles to believe what she is seeing and get the bed and breakfast up and running before John runs out of funds and looses everything.

John is struggling to keep up with everything: his work at the college, renovating the bed and breakfast and getting the new road organized so the bed and breakfast will be more profitable and easier to access. John is also struggling with his growing feelings for the feisty woman he hired to run the bed and breakfast. Merilee is amazing in John's eyes he loves how strong and independent she is but he also sees she has a vulnerable side and then there is her penchant for arguing, John tries his best to stay professional around Merilee but one magical kiss leads to so much more he just cannot stay away. John has fallen for Merilee completely.

This book has so much more than mystery and romance in it. There is a Shakespeare element surrounding The Tempest and A Midsummer Night's Dream and an Irish folklore element that sees the king of the fairies Oberon kidnap John. Let's hope Merilee can save the day and be John's champion when he needs her the most.

What I enjoyed most about Restless Spirits by Kathy Bryson was the strength in the characters. They are all well written; they all have their own strengths and weaknesses that when combined together to help each other works great. I also liked the Shakespeare element because I am a big fan and the author used The Tempest and A Midsummer Night’s Dream as references which are two of my favourite Shakespeare pieces. I know Shakespeare is not for everyone and if you’re not a fan the story loses a bit if you don’t understand the Shakespeare references. When you also tie in the Irish myths and legends which also tie back to the Shakespeare references it all works well together if you have a love for Irish myths and legends which I do so I loved it. What I didn’t like was that at times the story seemed to go too quickly to another point instead of finishing the storyline it was on which was a little confusing but all in all I found it a good read.

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Book info:
available formats: ebook and print (288 pages)
published: June 2014 by SoulMate Publishing
ISBN13: 978-1619357716
genres: paranormal romance
source: author
read: January 2015

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