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February 8, 2016

Shaun of the Dead meets a Tarantino Movie #MondayBlogs

by Elisabeth Scherer
Even the Dead Will Bleed

There is a fantastic book from my favorite reads shelf that hit movie theaters this weekend, Pride & Prejudice and Zombies. If you liked that book, or if you like face-paced zombie thriller/horror novels you might very well like the Steven Ramirez’s Even the Dead Will Bleed.

My Initial Thoughts:
When I was given this book as an option to review I was hesitant at first because it is the third book in the Tell Me When I’m Dead Collection by Ramirez. I worried that I would be put into the middle of the story and have no idea what was going on. The back of the book blurb intrigued me so much I thought I would go ahead and see if the book could be picked up and read without reading the other two books first.  It does not disappoint and can definitely stand on its own without its predecessors.

Quick Plot Summary:
Dave is a man on a mission to kill the man responsible for the deaths of his wife, friends, and many others. He has lost everything and believes he has nothing else to do but take the bad guy down with him if it comes down to it. He has prepared to carry out his suicide mission, and yet the undercurrent of something coming.  Things don’t always work out the way you imagine, hope, or plan. Dave finds this out first hand and finds himself thrust into the role of bodyguard for a Russian girl who escapes the very person who Dave is hunting.  The hunter becomes the hunted and Dave finds him mission changes. Will Dave find something to live for after losing everything? Will the Russian girl evade those that are hunting her? Can faith and determination help you survive genetically modified super zombies? You’ll have to read Even the Dead Will Bleed to find out.

What I thought:
Ramirez does a great job giving us enough of the back story so that if you haven’t picked up his other books or if it’s been too long since you read them, that a new reader won’t be lost. He gives Dave strong supporting characters who make the story well rounded and dense. One of the truly fun things about this book is that you can tell that Ramirez loves movies and music. He effortlessly weaves these passions into his gifted story telling of Dave and his revenge quest. So along with that fundamental feeling of the zombies lurking behind you that carries the reader through the book at a quicker and quicker pace, you have a movie score to help push you further into this version of Los Angeles. As a thriller/horror novel Ramirez does not shy away from the cringe-worthy violence and butchering of humans that any good Zombie horror movie would have.

Dave as a main character is quite complex and complicated. He is single minded in being ready to face death after losing everything and yet through the events of this book the sorrow, depression, and hopelessness fall away to reveal his true character as a protector, a warrior, and a true man of faith and dignity.  Having the story told from his point of view pulls the reader through these raw emotions and helps connect the reader with Dave. It keeps your heart thumping as the violence and flesh eaters comes closer and closer.

Zombies in this novel are different from your average staggering zombie stories as they are genetically modified creatures that become this man-made juggernaut of impending doom. Cutters, who are more like ninjas with a taste of cannibalism. They are quick, methodical, and wickedly vicious. The high body count for this novel definitely make me think that Quentin Tarantino would have a wonderful time turning this novel into a movie.

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Book info:
available formats: ebook (296 pages)
published: October 2015 by Glass Highway
genres: thriller, horror
source: author

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