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March 6, 2016

Movies That Should Be Turned Into Books

There are a million listicles out there about books people are dying to see made into movies, but what if things were the other way around? Have you ever wanted to gain psychological insight into a movie character you felt was really interesting on screen, but left you craving more? We’ve picked out 7 original screenplays with SUPER interesting characters that we would love to learn more about through their stories retold as books.

Cruel Intentions

Cruel Intentions is technically a book already; the ‘90s classic is based on Les Liaisons dangereuses by Pierre Cholodos. However, the movie we all know and love is QUITE different from the 18th century French novel. No smallpox included in this cult classic. It’s so complex, that we already have two separate ideas going on for a book. First, how did Kathryn become so manipulative? We want to hear all the juicy details of that complicated story. Secondly, we want to know everything that was ever written in Sebastian’s journal. It would give us a better glimpse into his mind and as to how he fell in love with Annette.

So which writer would you pick to pen Cruel Intentions: The Novel?

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel had some elements inspired from the works of Austrian writer Stefan Zweig. However, seeing as this film starts off with a young girl reading from a book, which turns into the film, we guarantee that it would be a perfect novel. Perhaps a backstory to Monsieur Gustave and his courtships with older women? Or how Zero landed a job as a lobby boy after immigrating to the Republic of Zubrowka? Really, the opportunities here at endless, and each main character could potentially have a standalone novel.

In Bruges

This film is a cult classic, a tragic comedy-drama full of moral ambiguity. Taking place in the iconic setting of Bruges, two hitmen are forced to face their demons after one accidentally kills a child during a botched assassination job. We think this would make an amazing novel because of its psychologically complex characters and witty dialogue; if what the characters are saying is so funny and insightful, imagine what they are thinking.

Vanilla Sky

Who would not want to learn more about Life Extension and how it came be? It is a very high possibility that the whole company had a rocky and scandalous start, which would be perfect for a novel and probably has one morally ambiguous founder. We would also love to hear more about David and Julie’s relationship, which was probably a roller coaster of emotions. Let’s not forget about the night David becomes disfigured and the aftermath of it before he slipped into his lucid dream. Julie’s such an intense character on her own as well, that it would be great to get a peek into her mind when she finds out about Sofia.

Full Metal Jacket

Stanley Kubrick’s creative genius has never been questioned. But there has been times in his films where we have wished to know more on specific characters or places. We wish we could have gotten a complete glimpse into Pyre’s mind as it slowly unravels after the extreme torment he is forced to receive by his peers. It would definitely be a dark and twisted novel about the unravelling of the mind that would keep up you up late at night.


The concept of Birdman is brilliant, and we would love to get an actual glimpse into the heyday of Riggan Thomson and the bird-like vigilante. The downward spiral of his fame and the inner voice of Birdman would be enthralling in the written word. Perhaps even a glimpse into Sam’s mind where she watches her father lose his grasp on reality.

12 Monkeys

We want to know exactly how and why this virus was released onto the world. How did humanity survive underground? How was time travel created? This movie left us with so many questions that we desperately need answered. What about Brad Pitt’s character of Jeffrey Goines? How did he become so radicalized? How was did young James Cole deal with witnessing the shooting in the airport? While some of these questions may be answered in the new 12 Monkeys TV series, we’re still hoping this also turns into a series of novels.

Ex Machina

One of 2015’s best films had a fantastic story line that would make a terrific science fiction novel about the threat of artificial intelligence on humankind. How were Ava and Kyoko built and programmed? What were Ava’s true intentions? Again, there are many thoughts running through our mind as to what plot points a novel would focus on. Looks like this would become another series that delves into the world of Blue Book and its other softwares.

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  1. When I watched Remember Me on the screen, I immediately went searching for the book because I thought, it just had to be, right? Nope. It would be such an amazing book, too!

  2. I know it's really dark, but I'd love to read a book version of Melancholia. On the feel-good side, what wouldn't I give for a novelization of Frequency? I love that movie!

    Great post.