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March 2, 2016

Review: Urban Mermaid by Howard Parsons

review by Elisa Hordon

Urban Mermaid

What an interesting read! I must admit I have always loved mermaids. The thought of living in the ocean would be magical but being able to have both - living in the ocean and on land - now that would be perfect.

Penelope is a shy natured mermaid who just wants to find someone to love her.

Peter is a really sweet human guy who seems to have been rejected his whole life by woman.

Can Penelope and Peter become friends and maybe one day more than friends?

Penelope comes across a bit scatter brained unless she is fully focused on a task but really she just has way to many thoughts running around her head.

I love how Penelope and Peter first meet. It's cute and shows Penelope's cheeky side.

Peter is a protective guy especially where Penelope is concerned. He is also loyal and besotted with Penelope from the very beginning. As I got further into the book, it really became apparent they were truly meant for each other; they just had life lessons to learn first before they met, which has made them stronger together.

I really enjoyed the Parsons's narratives about Mer people's customs and traditions throughout the book and how they differ from human ways. So similar in some ways, but different in others and it's interesting reading how Peter adapts to the Mer people's ways so easily like he was always meant to be one of them. Penelope has had a lifetime of straddling the human world and the Mer world so adjusting for her is a bit easier but even she struggles at times with melding those two worlds together so that she and Peter can live and enjoy both worlds instead of having to choose one way over the other.

I love the humorous banter between Peter and Penelope's parents as they get more comfortable with each other - very funny, the sprinkling of humor throughout the books is just enough. I got to laugh, love and cry throughout the book and I really enjoyed feeling those emotions while reading.

Reading through Peter's transformation from human to merman was an interesting concept that I found visually realistic in my mind as I was reading it, sometimes with supernatural topics trying to visualise what's being written is not always easy but the way the Parsons describes the transformation made it really easy for me to visualise it as real.

Introducing Penny and her parents to more human customs, traditions and holidays was touching at times and funny, I especially loved their first Christmas together and decorating the tree was very special.

Peter's revelation and explanation that Mer people are human to was very interesting and the more I read the more I could see it as either we are an evolution of them or they are an evolution of us. There are more similarities than differences.

Oh and Peter's reaction the the last part of Penny's vows was priceless, most men would love to have a woman willingly want to obey them but not Peter. He is so uncomfortable with the idea; it made me chuckle a lot but I also loved his reaction because for him Penny is the love of his life and his equal in every way. He doesn't want a wife to obey him he wants a true equal partner who works through everything with him together, once he realises why the word is in the vows he is ok with it.

One of the funniest parts was when Penny's grandparents arrived. I laughed a lot - families are just awesome entertainment value.

Posidon is the ultimate underwater matchmaker, he went to such lengths to make young Penny's wish come true. Such a great read especially for all romantics at heart.

A mermaid romance with a Fishtail/Fairytale ending, I want to be a mermaid even more after reading Urban Mermaid.

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book info
available formats: ebook and print (452 pages)
published: August 2015 by Moonlight Garden Publications
ISBN13: 978-1938281723
genres: fantasy, mythology, romance
target audience: new adult
source: Publicist

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