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August 9, 2016

Review: New Corpse in Town by Lucy Quinn

by Elisa Hordon

cover of New Corpse in Town

"Well..." Cookie James sighed quietly to herself, leaning against the doorframe of the Secret Seal Inn. "I could certainly get used to this view."
But despite the fact that the inn was situated on one of the highest points of Secret Seal Isle, affording her a perfect angle on the rest of the small twon spread out before her, all the way to the scenic coastline and the Atlantic Ocean beyond, that wasn't what had captured her attention.

I love a good cozy mystery with great laugh out loud moments. I got that and more from New Corpse in Town by Lucy Quinn.

Lucy Quinn is a new pen name collaboration from authors Deanna Chase and Violet Vaughn, I just loved their new collaboration.

Cookie James is an ex-FBI agent living with her Mother Rain Forest on the secluded Secret Seal Isle. Cookie and Rain are running a local inn and trying to lay low since Cookie retired from the FBI after a case she was working on got bungled and she is now wanted dead. Cookie's new life is looking up until Cookie's mom Rain tangles with a dead body while skinny dipping, and yes, I did say Skinny Dipping, in the ocean and a very dead body tries to drown Cookie just knew things were going to go south pretty quickly.

So much for laying low! Cookie now has a dead body that the local police really don't care about, a killer on the loose and her hippy-dippy mom running wild. How much can a girl take?

Ok, so there's Cookie's love life steaming up with Dylan, the local handyman. Oh and then Cookie calls her ex-FBI partner in to see if he can help her solve the murder seeing as the local police really can't be bothered and when Hunter arrives Cookie finds herself the centre of attention for both Hunter and Dylan. And, omg, the testosterone is flying

So now can Cookie keep her mom under control, find a murderer and stop Dylan and Hunter from killing each other? This was a non-stop thrillingly funny read right from the first page.

The first in what I hope will be many more funny collaborations from Deanna Chase and Violet Vaughn. This one was a 5 star winner for me.

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Elisa Hordon, reviewerElisa lives on the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia were she spends her days reading, journaling, painting, cooking and home schooling her daughter. She has always been an avid reader, Elisa loves reading many genres of books except horror; her favourite genres would be mystery, romance and paranormal. Elisa also loves pursuing many creative outlets if she is not relaxing with a book she can be found writing, sketching, painting or cooking. Elisa loves to share her obsession with books especially with her family and friends. Reading and reviewing books is a favourite pastime of Elisa’s.

Book info:
available formats: ebook (166 pages)
published: July 2016 by Seaside Story Productions
genres: cozy mystery

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  1. You had me at the scenery...and the name Rain

    Thanks for sharing, and here's mine: “THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR”

  2. This does sound like a lot of fun. And I live the cover. I'm trying to hold off on diving into my stack of cozies until this fall. Cozies equal fall to me for some reason . . . I'm not sure why.

  3. Sounds like a fun read, glad u shared with us.