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August 22, 2018

Serial Rites by Cortez Law III ~ a Review

by MK French

Malcolm X. Hobbs' wife was killed on their wedding day, sending him into a spiral of despair and doubt about his faith. In the meantime, a serial killer calling himself the Profiler was on the streets of Atlanta. Malcolm leads a team of homicide detectives in the Criminal Investigations Department that are known as X-Men, and they are trying to catch the killer before he strikes again.
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October 2017; Metro Black & Blue Books
978-0967347882; ebook, print (352 pages)
Some of the sentence structures are stilted, though the idea still gets across. An example from the beginning: "his legs quivered and they collapsed the rest of him onto the bed's edges." It's more commonly phrased as "his legs quivered and he collapsed onto the edge of the bed," so it feels odd to read through. A lot of the characters speak in that fashion, and there's little to distinguish personality via language choices. I found it very difficult to really engage with the story because of that, though the plot is definitely engaging enough. However, the pieces of that plot were difficult for me to find. I think an editor would be able to clean up the text so that the actual story takes center stage, not the odd language choices.

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Born and raised in New York City, M.K. French started writing stories when very young, dreaming of different worlds and places to visit. She always had an interest in folklore, fairy tales, and the macabre, which has definitely influenced her work. She currently lives in the Midwest with her husband, three young children, and golden retriever.

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