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January 26, 2019

A Pledge of Silence by Flora J. Solomon ~ an #Audiobook Review

by Donna Huber

I don't often do full reviews of books that I buy or borrow, but A Pledge of Silence is such a good book that I had to tell you about it.

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A Pledge of Silence
February 2015; Brilliance Audio
978-1501210082; ebook, print, audio (11h37m)
historical fiction
I only recently discovered that with my Amazon Prime membership that I could access free ebooks with Audible narration (I knew that I could get free ebooks, but not the Audible connection). This has been such a great thing since my library switched its digital library provider and it sucks. Audiobooks really help me get through a lot more books in a year since I can listen while doing other things. I saw A Pledge of Silence on the Prime Reading with Audible Narration list back in December, but I was wanting light fluffy reads. As my second audiobook of 2019, it definitely set the bar high for this year's list of listens.

A Pledge of Silence is set during WWII, which is a favorite time period of mine, but it is different than any other WWII story I've read. First off, it is not set Europe. I know there have been a few books lately that have been set outside of the European Theater, but I think many more stories are set around the European Theater than the Pacific Theater (just my observation). This story is set mostly in the Philippines. Second, it is about Army nurses. It follows American Margie Bauer from postponed nuptials to her harrowing tenure in the Pacific Theater, including a stint in a Japanese internment camp as a POW, and on through to old age.

I loved that the story didn't end with her liberation but that we get to see the continuing impact of her time in the service on the rest of her life.

While focused on Margie, the other characters are well developed and you find yourself become deeply invested in all of their lives. There are plenty of small details sprinkled throughout that leans an air of authenticity to the story. It really felt like it was a true story.

I liked seeing the attitudes toward women. The Japanese seemed confused that there were any women in the army but that probably made things a little better for the women in the beginning as there weren't true POW camps for women. Then the comment at Margie's discharge from the army about women being able to get past these things. I found the commander's statement ironic as women are often viewed as the weaker sex or in need of protection. Unfortunately, if his statement was indicated of the prevailing thought then that could also be why Margie (the rest of the women) didn't get any emotional help after returning to the states. Though, I'm not sure if the men returning from war and prison camps were provided any mental health help either.

The narrator was excellent and the overall execution of the story made it an exceptional read. If getting more exercise was one of your resolutions, then pick up this novel on audiobook as it is guaranteed to keep you going that extra mile.

If you enjoy WWII stories but want something different from the typical war in Europe story, then definitely pick up A Pledge of Silence.

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  1. I have a friend that this would be perfect for! I'll have to tell her about it! Great review!