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January 24, 2019

The Fall of the Faere and Other Stories by William Timothy Murray ~ a Review

by Donna Huber

I'm not much of a fantasy reader. I've read enough to have some understanding of the mythos of witches and vampires, but faere stories still elude me. It always feels like I'm missing something. So when William Timothy Murray offered me his short story collection at a local author event, I warned him that it wasn't something I normally read.

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The Fall of the Faere and Other Stories
September 2017; Penflight Books
978-1944320508; ebook, print (148 pages)
epic fantasy
As it is not a genre I typically read, it took a while for me to get into this collection of interconnected short stories. Actually, while reading the first two stories, "The Fall of the Faere" and "The Throne of Vanara", I wasn't sure if I would make it through this relatively short book (it's only 148 pages). It is well written, but it was like reading an ancient historical record. I kept thinking, "this is like reading 1st and 2nd Chronicles in the Bible."  It was kind of dry and fact-filled.

But I decided to push through and I'm glad I did as I loved "The Last Book of Nimwill". It was told in story format and the imagery wonderfully detailed.

For I overlooked the Crack of the World, that which few have ever seen except those who remember their wings. There it was, running north to south, straight and true, a deep, smooth-walled canyon filled with mist, and out of it from far below came a low rumbling. Beyond was nothing but air into faraway peaks, their tops bound with snow and towering over the place where I stood. Yet before me, at the very edge of the precipice, stood a gateway, fashioned of two columns of white marble, each standing eight cubits high, and the width of its opening between these was eight cubits. An untarnished silver arch spanned the two columns and ar its apex was set a black disk three cubits in diameter. Upon the ring that held the black disk was inscribed figures likened unto those used by the Dragonkind for conveying messages. pg. 33-34

I enjoyed the following stories in this collection. And by the end, I was considering reading The Year of the Red Door, which is the series to which this collection of stories is the companion. The stories give backstory to the series.

If this collection is anything to go by, then fans of epic fantasy will love the series and be glad for this companion collection.

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