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May 6, 2019

The Key to Happily Ever After by Tif Marcelo ~ a Review

by Susan Roberts

I love reading books about sisters. As the oldest of three sisters, I can tell you that this book is very true to real life - three sisters having frequent disagreements but always having each other's backs when life gets tough.  These three sisters are struggling to keep the family wedding planning business successful. Their parents had started the business and when they retired, they turned the business over to their daughters - Mari, Jane, and Pearl. This is a sweet romantic comedy about the power of sisterhood.

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May 2019; Gallery Books; 978-1501197581
audio, ebook, print (320 pages); women's fiction
Mari is the oldest daughter and the in-charge person. She feels like she should make the rules and the other sisters should fall into line. As the oldest of 3 sisters, I totally understand that attitude. Jane is second. She isn't as invested in the business because she is raising a small son alone. She handles the accounting and inventory at the wedding shop. Pearl is the youngest. Her sisters felt that she was flighty and not able to follow directions. Pearl feels that she is being limited by her sisters and is ready to take on being the main planned for some of the brides. As they struggle to create happy and beautiful weddings for brides and their families, they need to work through their sister problems to make the business a total success.

This book is listed as a romantic comedy.  I disagree with that and would list it as women's fiction.  It concentrates way more on the relationship between the sisters and the issues that they have with their new business and the romance part is secondary.  Not that it's a problem for me but someone picking up this book expecting a lot of romance, is going to be disappointed and I read several reviews that brought this up.

Even though this is a book about weddings, all three sisters are single.  There is romance on the horizon for all three sisters but first, they need to work through their issues with the business and learn to work together to be successful. This is a great book about sisters!

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