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December 18, 2022

A Yuletide Creek Series by Kimberly Thomas ~ a Review

by Susan Roberts

Kimberly Thomas has brought her readers a new trilogy that takes place in Yuletide Creek - a small town that really knows how to celebrate the Christmas season. If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber you can read all three books for free.

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The Christmas House

book cover of Christmas romance The Christmas House by Kimberly Thomas
October 2022; Indie; 979-8358915770
ebook, print (206 pages); holiday romance

All it took for Ally to return to Yuletide Creek was the end of a twenty-one-year marriage and the death of her dear grandma who left her the Christmas House.

Ally moves back to Yuletide Creek to live in the house that her grandmother left her.  The town called it Christmas House because it was always beautifully decorated during the holiday season and her grandmother led most of the town's Christmas celebrations.  Ally has left her husband and knows that Christmas House will help her regain her life.  The only problem is that her father still lives there and they have been estranged since he refused to walk her down the aisle when she got married.  Her grandmother's will stipulated that only her son (Ally's father) would be allowed to do any of the renovations that the house needed which meant that they had to work together on projects.  When she first arrived in town, she's amazed that it no longer looks like the vibrant happy town that it was when she was growing up.  Instead, there were a lot of vacant storefronts plus the town Christmas tree wasn't even put up.  When she goes to talk to the town's new mayor, she finds out that he's a real Grinch who has no plans for a tree or any Christmas celebrations.  Ally decides to take on the work of getting a town Christmas tree, start up the normal celebrations plus get Christmas House decorated.  Is it too much work started too late?  Will she be successful in bringing Christmas back to Yuletide Creek and will she be able to make the mayor learn that Christmas is a magical season??

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A Christmas Gift

book cover of Christmas romance A Christmas Gift by Kimberly Thomas
November 2022; Indie; 979-8365113336
ebook, print (204 pages); holiday romance

Christmas— It’s the most wonderful time of the year… except it’s not. Not for Nicole at least.

Nicole goes back to the home where she grew up in Yuletide Creek after being away for over 20 years.  Her estranged mother had called and asked her to help with the antique shop that she owned.  Nicole wasn't really happy with her life so she agreed to return to help.  Her college-age daughter would join her and her mom over the holidays.  When Nicole first arrives in town, she's dismayed to see the changes in the town.  It's no longer the happy town all decorated for Christmas and she's convinced that there's no way her mother's shop can survive in this broken-down town.  As Ally from book 1 makes changes to the town and starts the Christmas festivities, Nicole begins to change her attitude toward her mother's shop and toward her mother.

When she starts spending time with the handsome man who works at the antique store, her feelings toward the town really begin to change but she's still a real Grinch and not interested in Christmas or finding happiness.  Will the magic of this small town and the people who live there help her find the real magic of the holiday?  Will she be able to find love, hope, and forgiveness?

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A Christmas Wish

book cover of Christmas romance novel A Christmas Wish by Kimberly Thomas
December 2022; Indie; 979-8368348087
ebook, print (192 pages); holiday romance

Marriage, kids, a car, and a house with the white picket fence— check. There isn’t much more you could want to live a happy life, right? Wrong!!

Melissa's husband of over 20 years walked out on her and left her to handle everything including taking care of their two teenage children.  Since he left,, he hasn't been in touch with her or their children and they are all suffering from the change in their family but not talking about their feelings with each other.  She decides to make this a memorable Christmas for her kids so they move into her aunt's house in Yuletide Creek.  Imagine her amazement when she arrives in town with her two surly teens to find that the town is decorated but there are no decorations at all on her aunt's house.  She's so determined to make this an unforgettable holiday that she starts ordering her kids to help pick out a tree and makes them help decorate it without asking them what would really make this a memorable holiday for them.  When a man in town starts to pay attention to her, she is totally cold toward him because after what her husband did, she doesn't trust any man.  Will she be able to reconcile with her children plus allow a new man in her life to help create a memorable Christmas for them all?? 

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Susan Roberts grew up in Michigan but loves the laid-back life at her home in the Piedmont area of North Carolina where she is two hours from the beach to the east and the mountains in the west.  She reads almost anything but her favorite genres are Southern Fiction and Historical Fiction.  

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