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November 26, 2023

2 Fun Mysteries to Entertain You

by Donna Huber

This time of year I enjoy quick, fun reads but I sometimes overdo it on Christmas novels (I gobble them up like sugar cookies). If you are in need of a palate cleanser but still want something fun to read, then you definitely need to pick up these mysteries. One is from a series I eagerly anticipate the new book each year and the other is the start of a new series.

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The Proof of the Pudding by Rhys Bowen

book cover of cozy mystery The Proof of the Pudding by Rhys Bowen
November 2023; Berkley; 978-0593437889
audio, ebook, print (304 pages); cozy mystery

I look forward to the new book in this series every year. The Proof of the Pudding is book 17 in Her Royal Spyness series. You don't have to have read the previous books to enjoy this one.

Lady Georgiana is settling into her role as wife and Lady of the Manor and soon she will have a new role - Mother! In anticipation of the arrival of her first child, her godfather in whom house they live is returning and has requested a grand dinner party. Amongst the guests is murder mystery author who writes the most ghoulish of novels. 

Due to the impending birth, The Proof of the Pudding is one of the more mild mysteries in the series. It is close to home and Georgie is never in great danger as she has been on a few of her adventures. But that doesn't mean it isn't entertaining.

I actually liked the slower pace of this novel. It might be why I was able to solve the mystery before the characters did. 

Another nice touch was the appearance of Agatha Christie (she's not the ghoulish mystery author I mentioned above). I hadn't considered that she and Georgie would be contemporaries.

Overall, this is a fun mystery.

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lord by Celeste Connally

book cover of Regency cozy mystery Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lord by Celeste Connally
November 2023; Minotaur Books; 978-1250867551
audio, ebook, print (304 pages); cozy mystery

I debated on this book for a while before deciding that the title was too good to pass up. I had to know if the book would be as clever as the title. 

I'm so glad I decided to read Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lord as it is a perfectly delightful read.

The Regency period isn't one I usually like reading, but I found this book to be a lot of fun. If you like Bridgerton and Sanditon, then you will want to get this book.

Lady Petra is an interesting character.  She reminded me of Nellie Bly and I kept recalling details from The Mad Girls of New York by Maya Rodale. Like Bly, Lady Petra uncovers what happens to women who become burdens to their husbands, fathers, uncles, and brothers just because the woman shows independence or strong wills or "hysteria" or a nervous condition, or just about any reason the man can think of to have her committed.

Actually, all of the characters are well-written and really make the story enjoyable. I know they are just fictional characters but I found myself really worrying about the women and feeling emotional about what was happening to them. It is probably because what they were experiencing was a reality during this period of time and I think I was angry on their behalf.

I read this book pretty quickly because I just didn't want to put it down. I'm looking forward to book 2 in the series.

Donna Huber is an avid reader and natural encourager. She is the founder of Girl Who Reads and the author of how-to marketing book Secrets to a Successful Blog Tour.

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