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December 9, 2023

A Christmas Series: Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge

Day 9 of our 25 Days of Christmas Reading and as it is the weekend it is the perfect for binging reading a whole series of Christmas stories. If you've missed any of our Christmas book reviews, recommended Christmas reading lists, and free ebooks this week, you can find them all here: 25 Days of Christmas Reading.

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Christmas Sisters by Tess Thompson, Tammy L. Grace, Ev Bishop, Violet Howe, Judith Keim

book cover of holiday romance novel Christmas Sisters by Tess Thompson, Tammy L. Grace, Ev Bishop, Violet Howe, Judith Keim
November 2020; Indie; 978-1951621186
ebook, print (88 pages); holiday romance

Random circumstances brought them together. Love made them family.
When a terrible accident takes Madeline Kirby’s husband and only child, the school guidance counselor is sure she can’t go on. Left behind with nothing but her work and an empty heart, she vows to survive Christmas by reaching out to comfort someone else who knows similar pain.

Fostering four motherless children for the holidays is supposed to be temporary, but as Maddie tends to defensive Stevie, distrustful Jo, delicate Alissa, and frightened little Hailey, the ache in her own heart slowly becomes bearable. And before the season of giving comes to an end, it becomes clear that life intended for them to find each other.

Enjoy these soul sisters’ first Christmas together in Christmas Sisters, a free prologue novella 

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In 2020, Susan reviewed books 1 - 6 of the Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge series. 

In 2021, Susan returned to Cedar Mountain Lodge and reviewed books 7 -11.

Books 12 - 15 in the series came out in 2022.

Books 16 - 18 just came out this year.

If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can borrow the entire series for free. Start your 30 day free trial.

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