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December 4, 2023

At the Scent of the Crime by Melrose McFadden

It's Day 4 of our 25 Days of Christmas Reading. If you are looking for something fun to read, check out today's free read. 

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"A delightful mystery to start in on the holiday season." ~ Goodreads Reviewer

"Cozy, easy, entertaining read" ~ Amazon Reviewer

book cover of holiday cozy mystery At the Scent of the Crime by Melrose McFadden

Childhood friends Leigh Hill and Paloma Finch left their high-pressure big city jobs to pursue a quieter life running the Wicked Wick candle shop in the small town of Fall Haven. Rumors about a giant chain warehouse store moving to town have the mom-and-pop business owners on edge, but the community is stringing up lights, baking pies, and setting up booths in the town square to sell their wares at the annual Winter Festival. But when a prominent local businessperson winds up dead in the middle of the festival grounds, Leigh and Paloma realize their little hamlet isn’t as quiet and innocent as they had hoped. Plenty of people have a lot to lose if the megastore comes to town, but are any of them angry enough to kill? The ladies of Wicked Wick must sniff around for clues and solve the crime before their business -- or their lives -- are snuffed out.

This ebook is free for everyone as 12/4/2023. Please check the price before purchasing. If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can always borrow it for free, plus the next 5 books in the series are also available as free borrows for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Start your free 30 day free trial.

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