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December 8, 2023

Ginger Snapped to Death by Catherine Bruns

It's Day 8 of our 25 Days of Christmas Reading and we're back with a free ebook - a Christmas cozy mystery! Don't miss out on any of our Christmas book reviews, recommended Christmas reading lists, and free ebooks - find them all here: 25 Days of Christmas Reading.

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"a fun read with a holiday theme" ~ Amazon reviewer
"An edge-of-your-seat reveal added to the holiday cheer" ~ Goodreads review

book cover of holiday cozy mystery Ginger Snapped to Death by Catherine Bruns
October 2019; Indie; 978-1702337472
ebook, print (199 pages); holiday cozy mystery

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Unless you’re Sally Muccio.

The full-time baker and sometime sleuth is ready to burst into song. She and her husband are expecting a bundle of joy, her sister’s wedding is just around the corner, and it’s Christmas, her favorite time of year. But when Sal’s the victim of a carjacking by Santa himself and a forgotten item links her to a murder, she doesn’t feel like ho-ho-hoing anymore.

Damian Ruger was a drug user, womanizer and first-class jerk. And unfortunately for Sal, she once had a connection to him in high school. The dough really hits the fan when her bakery's gingerbread cookies are found next to his dead body, and Sal's cake server is used as a murder weapon. Someone is trying to frame the expectant mother, but why? Sal has no choice but to try to clear her name...before she and the baby are singing Christmas carols in prison!

*Recipes Included!*

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