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December 2, 2015

Review: The Beast and Me By D. S. Wrights

by Claire Rees

cover The Beast and Me

The Beast and Me by D. S. Wrights is written as a diary. The diary of Meghan who has been abducted from her university.

With no friends and not particularly close to her parents she doesn't think that anyone will even notice that she is missing. In the early days her captors have been good to her and have given her a diary and pen, her room has a bed with separate shower and a bathroom.

Writing in the diary seems to stop her from losing her mind.

Then one day they come to get her, they blindfold her and take her to a room, chaining her to the walls and leave her alone with what she thinks is an animal. Who smells her and touches her, the hands feel like a humans so she feels perhaps she is wrong until those hands turn into glass and slice through her skin.

She recovers in hospital and is told by the scientist that she was chosen for the experiment and if she doesn't listen to what they tell her to do then she is of no use to them and will be taken care of.

So she goes along with everything they ask. Uncovering what this beast is a little more every time she sees him and actually getting feelings for him.

I became addicted to this book quickly and needed to see exactly what was going to happen to Meghan and the beast they call ‘Ten’.

It made me wonder is she will ever escape the facility where she is being held captive or if they will get rid of her once she has completed whatever it is they want her to do.

I would recommend The Beast and Me to everyone who likes mystery and a thriller filled with hope and love.

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Book info:
available formats: ebook and print (344 pages)
published: March 2015 by DarkSigyn Publishing
ISBN13: 9781499527599
genres: horror, science ficition
read: October 2015

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  1. Wow, this sounds so fascinating! I must add it to my TBR list, thanks for putting up this review!