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December 3, 2015

Review ~ LIFE: It Is What It Is by Lisa Sugarman

by Elisabeth Scherer

cover Life It Is What It Is

I will be the first to admit that I am not an avid newspaper reader. I had a subscription once or twice to the local paper for an attempt at being an extreme couponer and told myself I would read the paper since I was getting it but in reality the papers sat in the corner piling up like other papers in my life. I would be much more likely to grab the comics and crossword puzzles than to faithfully read a column every week, preferring instead to read my news online.

However I recently read Lisa Sugarman’s new book LIFE: It Is What It Is and it could very well change my mind.  She is a nationally syndicated opinion columnist who chose 50 of her favorite columns and compiled them into this book.

Sugarman gives snapshots of everyday life with sentences that anyone would could apply to their own lives. There are many things that I can relate to with Ms. Sugarman including being a mother, a love for running, and a woman who cares not only about her family and friends but also about the community she lives in.  It felt like my dearest friend was telling me some very amusing anecdotes over a cup of tea (okay a glass of wine or margarita).

Her book is an easy read for anyone looking for some inspiration in their lives. You can read a column in bursts as you have time or you can do like I did and binge read the entire book as quickly as you can turn the page.  She reminds us that life is far from perfect, plans don’t always work the way you want them to, but anyone can be happy if you just remember to look for the humor in your life.

I walked away from reading these columns with many quotes I put aside to read when I need a boost in life. Here are my top three Lisa Sugarman pearls of wisdom (well at least for today):

On Friendship
It’s those cyclical friendships, though, that have really been on my mind lately, you know, the ones that are like vintage clothes: they always seem to come back around and fit just right at different times. Maybe that’s because the vintage stuff is crafted differently, like our oldest friendships. / The old stuff is forged differently, so it’s got different durability. page 236 of 2244, 10%

On Parenting
What I can do is remind you that, as parents, we have the right and the obligation to intervene when our kids reach their breaking point. It’s up to us to put on the brakes and set limits and just say no to playing three sports in the fall or doing four extracurricular activities just because they don’t want to miss out. It’s our job. It’s our responsibility. And even though they’ll hate our guts for it on the outside, they love us for it on the inside. They’ll just never show it. - page 1574 of 2244, 70%

and finally because I am still riding high from my holiday week (maybe from too much chocolate pie):

On Thanksgiving
But most of all, Thanksgiving is a day designed to celebrate the essence of life. Which, in case you didn’t already know, is people. Because none of us walks through life alone. We all have partners along the way - people who steady us and keep us on course, people who pick us up when we fall, and people who lead us when we’re lost. And it’s these people who make the journey worth taking. - page 1978 of 2244, 88%

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a fast-paced, light read filled with wonderful inspiration or to anyone wanting to laugh at life’s imperfections.

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Book info:
available formats: ebook and print (204 pages)
published: February 2014
genres: self-help, advice, humor
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read: September 2015

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