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December 31, 2016

Top 10 Most Viewed Articles in 2016

Here we are at the very end of 2016. It has been a very productive year as you can see from the round ups the last two days. With this post, we will have published 390 posts. I hope we have entertained you, informed you, and helped you find just the right book to read. Today, we are featuring the 10 most viewed posts this year. It features a variety of posts, from reviews to articles to guests posts to featured books.

10. A is for April Fools, Douglas Adams and Sending the Fool Further
Chris's featured article that kicked off our A to Z Challenge was a huge hit as he started off with a history lesson on April Fool's Day and tied it together with Adams's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It is a wonderfully written piece that you must read if you missed it the first time around.

9. How Do You Know If You Want To Be a Writer? 
Byddi Lee joined Girl Who Reads this year and did a 12 part series for writers. If you are considering a writing career in 2017 this first article in the series will give you food for thought.

8. Jo March (of Little Women) is Now on Twitter, and She's Hilarious
Katie Meyer wrote a fun article in support of the Toronto Fringe production of Women and introduced Jo March's Twitter account.

7. 10 Books for Fans of Chick-lit, Women's Fiction, and Family Sagas
Susan reviewed 10 novels in the most popular genres.

6. Laura Libricz: Magic Me a Meal
Laura Libricz, the author of historical novel The Master and the Maid, provided a historically accurate view of cooking in 17th century Germany.

5. F is for Five Family Sagas to Read
Tales of family drama are always popular at Girl Who Reads. As part of the A to Z Challenge we did in April, Susan Roberts reviewed 5 superb family sagas. Kind of ironic it is the 5th most viewed post in 2016.

4. Book Diversity, Goodreads, and Native Representation
Alison Deluca's feature article for ArmchairBEA was a very popular post as it took a deeper look at diversity in books and in particular Native Americans both as characters and authors.

3. Why you should leave a comment
Every blogger wants comments. They spend a lot of time and effort on the articles they publish and leaving a comment is a small way to let them know that you enjoyed it.

2. Popular Romance Novels to Warm Your January Nights
January can be a cold month in the northern hemisphere. If you are looking for hot romances to keep you warm in the new year, take a look at some of the popular titles from January 2016.

1. Spend the Summer in the Low Country
The most viewed post this year is Susan Roberts's review of the first 4 books in Mary Alice Monroe's Lowcountry Summer series.

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