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December 29, 2016

Featured Articles of 2016

Each month Girl Who Reads provides a variety of articles on books, authors, reading, writing, blogging and even a couple of flash fiction stories. Many of these articles are provided by our wonderful staff of writers, but we have also had awesome guest writers and interviews over the past 12 months. In case you have missed any of them here is a run down.

From guest writers:

Stephen Swartz: Writing True Life
RP Channing: Why YA?
Diana Stevan: Taking My Writing Off the Back Burner
Joan Cusake Handler: Orphaned in Adulthood: An Unexamined Life Stage
Laura Libricz: Magic Me a Meal!
Andrew Joyce: No Earthly Good 
Michael Landweber on Character Development 
Brenda Perlin: GET YOUR REBEL ON! 
Brantwijn Serrah: 13 Fun Facts about The Pact 


Interview with Mona Awad, Author of 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl
Interview with Author Paul Krueger
Q&A with Kim Addonizio, author of Bukowski in a Sundress
A Conversation with Liz Lazarus, author of Free of Malice

From Chris:

Chris's New Year’s Resolutions
The Fairytale Ending
April Fools, Douglas Adams and Sending the Fool Further 
Iconic Story in Children's Literature Hits the Big Screen: The BFG
Writing Drafts
Writing Seasons
Endings: Good, Bad, Never-ending and Unfinished
The Thing that Scared our Cat
Flash Fiction: Ghosts in Fire
Flash Fiction: Anti-Santa

From Alison DeLuca:

A List of Books for 2016
Five Necessary Items for Losing Weight

From Byddi Lee:

How do you know if you want to be a writer?
Write It, Share It
Writers Groups - Nasty or Nurturing?
Make Your Own Writing Group
Have You Got the Write Time?
The Write Place
Minding Your P’s and Q’s: the Rules of Writing
Don’t Lose the Plot!
Getting to Know Your Characters
Let’s Talk About Writing Dialogue
Gone With The Wind – Conflict in Writing
The Importance of Being Edited

From Kathleen Barker:

Elena Who And What The Heck Is A Neapolitan Novel?
Think You Know Alexander Hamilton? Read This Before You Answer

From Ross Kitson:

Mature Marvel
W is for Wizard
D and D and Me
Stranger Days
From Tiara to Tough Guy, the Rise of Luke Cage
Six Books From a Six Year Old

From Donna Huber:

Why You Should Leave a Comment
Spending Valentine's Day Alone? It Could be Your Grammar
Build Online Relationships with Engaging Content

From Elisabeth Scherer:

Juxtaposition, June 2015, and Jumping back into a Familiar World
Tempting Tomes and To-Read Books
National Mad Hatter Day: Books to Read

From Elisa Hordon

A Love of Witches
Culinary Cozy Capers - Recipes Included
Shelby Nichols Adventures
Cozy Mysteries with Female PIs
Kenzie Cox Takes on Shifters in Two New Series 
Unbelievable Ghostly Drama

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