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June 15, 2019

Good Buddy by Dori Ann Dupré ~ a Review

by Susan Roberts

Jonathan “Buddy” Cordova is a small-time criminal defense lawyer living paycheck to paycheck and practicing law out of his house in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He likes to think of himself as a modern-day Atticus Finch, the kind of attorney who represents the poor, the indigent, the “probably guilty,” the kinds of clients who usually end up in jail. Shy, painfully awkward around pretty women, and carrying his own dark secret, Buddy falls for the daily jogger - Julie Saint, a part-time Kindergarten teacher and Army widow with a little girl named Molly.

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June 2019; BookBaby; 978-1543966657
ebook, print (324 pages); Family Life
Consumed with love for his ready-made family, Buddy is the epitome of a husband, father, and stepfather. Bonded over their mutual childhood losses, Molly and Buddy are not just stepfather and stepdaughter, but they are the best of pals. When tragedy strikes and the past, at last, comes back to for its reckoning, the question becomes…what really makes a father? What kind of love resides in the heart of a man who takes on the raising of another man’s child, having all the responsibilities…but under the law, none of the rights?

My Comments:  What does it take to be a father and to create a family? Not just a family by blood but a family of the people you love who aren't family. This book is full of hope and love and shows how far a father will go to protect the people that he loves.

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About the Author

Dori Ann Dupre is the author of the two-time international award-winning debut novel, Scout’s Honor. She has several published short stories and poems, serves as a contributing blogger to the Hope for Widows Foundation, and is the founder of the Grieve the Write Way grief writing workshops. She is the proud mother of two daughters, works full time in the legal field, is a veteran of the United States Army, and currently resides in North Carolina.

Susan Roberts lives in North Carolina when she isn't traveling. She and her husband enjoy traveling, gardening and spending time with their family and friends. She reads almost anything (and the piles of books in her house prove that) but her favorite genres are Southern fiction, women's fiction, and thrillers. Susan is a top 1% Goodreads Reviewer. You can connect with Susan on FacebookGoodreads, or Twitter.

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