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December 14, 2014

Featured Book: Frontier Justice by Charles Ray (@CharlieRay45)

About the Book

Frontier Justice: Bass Reeves, US Deputy Marshal

In 1875, Indian Territory, in what is now the state of Oklahoma, was a haven for thieves, swindlers, and murderers, all trying to escape the reach of the law. When President U.S. Grant appointed Judge Isaac Parker judge of the Western District of Arkansas, which included the territory, Parker was intent upon bringing fugitives to justice. He authorized U.S. Marshal James Fagan to hire 200 deputy marshals to help police the 4,500 square mile lawless territory.
Among those deputies was Bass Reeves. Born a slave in 1838, Reeves had spent the Civil War as a runaway in Indian Territory, and spoke five tribal languages. He was an expert tracker and an accomplished marksman, and at 6’2” and 180 pounds in an era when the average male height was 5’6”, was an imposing figure.
During his 32 year tenure as a deputy marshal, Reeves brought in over 3,000 fugitives. Unable to either read or write, he had someone read warrants to him and memorized every detail – never making a mistake.
In this fictional account of his first two years, ride along with one of the most famous U.S. Deputy Marshals in American history. 

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About the Author

Charles Ray

I've been writing since my teens. In addition to writing for several newspapers and magazines in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa, I've written two books on leadership and a number of fiction works. I'm also a published poet, photographer, and artist. I write in several genres, reflecting my broad reading tastes. I spent 20 years in the army, retiring in 1982 and becoming a diplomat. I've worked in about 10 countries and traveled to about 30 more, mining each for material to write about.

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