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December 16, 2014

Review The Devil Ate Me by PM Barnes

by Claire Rees

The Devil Ate Me
We first meet Stanley Barnoak, founder of ‘Stany B’s Private eyes’ company. He reminisces of past jobs and his love life, why he never married and how he became a private investigator. He then goes on to describe his crew, and one person in particular; Becky Brown.  Next we meet Becky, she appears very distraught and disturbed and begins to tell Stan her story if what has happened to her during an investigation.

Her job this time was to investigate the disappearance of a Russian girl, Becky had been hired by this girls church friends as they felt something bad had happened to her in an old mansion.

Becky found out who the house had been bought by and decided to pay them a little visit to see if she could find a link to the missing girl.

Once at the house she is greeted by a gorgeous man who seems to have put her in a trance. She has unexplainable feelings for this man and can’t think of anything else but bedding him. She wakes up in bed and is quickly joined by this handsome man.

Things in this house are darker than they seem and Becky loses a lot more than just a few hours.

She manages to escape the confines of the house and makes it back to the office o tell Stan her story.

The sex scenes in The Devil Ate Me by PM Barnes are delicious and dark; the story is really well written and will certainly get your heart going. This book would be enjoyed by all who love a good dark erotic thriller.

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Book info: 
Available formats: ebook
Published: November 2014
Genres: erotica, thriller
Target audience: 18+
Read: November 2014

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