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May 2, 2018

Head to Marietta, MT Where Romance is Always in the Air

by Donna Huber

Last Christmas, when I go on a holiday fluffy romance binge, I discovered a series (well several series) set in the fictional town of Marietta, MT. Since then, I've been trying to sample the different series. Today, I review two recent releases from two different series: Marietta St. Claire's and Holiday at the Graff.
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Finding Her Montana Cowboy by Lara Van Hulzen

Finding Her Montana Cowboy
April 2018;  Tule Publishing; 978-1948342681
ebook, print (238 pages); romance
While the fourth book in the Marietta St. Claire's series, it is the first book in the series for me. I'm not sure if I met any of the other characters in the series (there is sometimes overlap in characters from the other series), but it wasn't really important to have read the other books in this series.

McKenna is the last of the St. Claire's unmarried. While her siblings have settled down and started families in Marietta, she has been traveling the world from the family's house in New York. What she has really be doing is running away from her grief and building a wall of protection around her heart. While Wyatt Emmerson been staying put in Marietta, he has also been building a tall wall while healing from a career-ending rodeo injury and taking care of the daughter that was left on his doorstep.

Finding Her Montana Cowboy has the familiar themes of trying to protect your heart from loss by never getting close to anyone. Typical romance tropes are used, so don't expect anything too unique with this story. But if you are looking for a sweet romance that has enjoyable characters then this is the book to get.

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Wedding at the Graff by Jeannie Watt

Wedding at the Grff
March 2018; Tule Publishing; 978-1948342674
ebook, print (240 pages); romance
Since I love Christmas romances, I have really wanted to read this series, Holiday at the Graff, but kept missing it at Netgalley. Wedding at the Graff, the 5th book in the series, is set around St. Patrick's Day.

One of the things I like about the Marietta, MT universe is the town itself and the people. Outside of the hotel, this book doesn't feature much of the town and not too many of the town people, either. Though I assume Walker, the event planner, is part of the other books in the series.

Colleen Flanigan has fled to Marietta after breaking off her engagement to the wealthy and controlling Garrett Hawley. This wedding was supposed to put to rest a feud that began with her great-grandfather in the 1930s. As a symbol of this ending, Colleen's engagement ring is what began the feud - the Flanigan emerald. While it isn't unheard of the bride-to-be keeping the ring after a broken engagement, they aren't usually valued in the millions. However, Colleen believes her family are the rightful owners of the ring. Garret's father wants the ring for his new wife-to-be. So the unfortunate task of retrieving the ring is given to Garrett's right-hand man and former best friend of Colleen.

Again, we have familiar romantic themes of missed chances and bad timing. Apparently, both Colleen and Michael had wondered what if when they were best friends in college. However, Colleen didn't want to risk losing her best friend and Michael didn't think he had much to offer her. Just as he thinks of finally acting on his feelings, because he is on to way to a great career, he introduces her to his friend and eventual boss, Garrett. Oh, the irony.

While Michael was sent to Marietta to retrieve the ring, he really goes with hopes of re-connecting with Colleen.

This is another good sweet romance. As with all the books I've read in this universe it is about the lead up to happily ever after. We only get to see after the wedding when the couples make appearances in subsequent books. Since neither Colleen nor Michael are from Marietta, I'm not sure if they stay there or if they will show up in other books. Perhaps they will get their own spin-off series and they make a new life for themselves in Marietta. I would love to see a book featuring the meddling Irish grandmothers. They are a hoot and I don't think their full potential as characters was reached in this book.

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